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Disinfection Kills Any Disease Organism Like Virus, Bacteria, Parasite. We Offer an Eco-friendly Disinfection Method With Excellent Results. 

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Viruses and malicious organisms can enter the house from streets or infected people. They cause various diseases and undermining the immune system. Disinfection of premises is a safe procedure for humans, reliably eliminating viruses and harmful bacterial pathogens. It allows you to make the microclimate better by eliminating threats invisible to the eye.

Unhealthy conditions at home can be a cause for frequent allergic reactions, regular runny nose, eye irritation, reduced immunity, depression, poor performance, weakness. What gives competent disinfection carried out by specialists: the destruction of the overwhelming amount of allergens and viruses; air disinfection; removal of pathogens from surfaces.

The main goal of disinfection measures is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to form and maintain safe living conditions. Disinfection is a set of measures used to kill pathogenic and conditionally malicious microorganisms. Disinfection is a system of knowledge and a set of measures for the complete or selective destruction of pathogenic microorganisms.

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We Use Best Disinfection Equipment and Eco-Friendly Chemicals which, Combined With our Expert Knowledge, Ensures You Get a Professional Disinfection and Sanitisation Every Time. A Good Disinfection Job Will Remove 99.9% of Disease Agents.

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While cleaning applies to only removing dirt and other soil from a surface(without killing pathogens), sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing go far beyond this to eliminate harmful microorganisms. You can clean with water, soap and maybe the scrubbing. Disinfecting is when you destroy bacteria or pathogens that can cause diseases.

Bleach (hypochlorite) can be applied as a disinfectant, but not in all contaminated surfaces. It’s efficient in killing bacteria (Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli (Ecoli), Salmonella), fungus, and microorganisms. Chlorine Bleach can be a very effective disinfectant. Chlorine reacts quickly and becomes inactive quickly. Is also a potential hazard to human health and sometimes can be a reason for long-term respiratory problems.

Acid-based disinfectants are toxicologically safe and biologically active. Destruction of the cell membrane is the main action of acid-containing disinfectants.  Acidic-based substances are fast acting, they are active not only against some bacteria but also viruses. Unfortunately, vinegar is not a registered disinfectant,  and there is not proof that can eliminate dangerous bacteria.

The decision to use any disinfectant depends on the specific goals. Some disinfectants are accepted because of the broad spectrum of killing pathogens and achieve effective disinfection. Others destroy a smaller selection of disease-causing organisms. Sometimes we can apply non-toxic to human disinfectants, notably when the level of sanitation needed is low. We use an eco-friendly method of disinfection, who is efficient and doesn’t harm individual and pets.

It is crucial to clean and remove any visible dirt before disinfecting. Cleaning is the first step of decontamination, removes dirt and preparing the surface or object to be disinfected. The pathogens on the surface can be destroyed during the disinfection. If a not cleaned the germs can stay hidden and spreading of harmful microorganisms continuing. The effectiveness of the disinfection becomes low. Our disinfection solution is based on five levels to achieve the best results. One of these levels is the cleaning of potentially contaminated surfaces and objects.

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